We Roam

“It’s all been worth it. I never worried about details like who the other Roamers would be or where exactly we’d be living in each city. I was seeking growth experiences in all facets of my life, and each day offers just that: new opportunities to learn about myself and the countries, cultures, and people who welcome us into their lives.”

Michelle, Attorney/Entrepreneur

We are a travel-while-working program that curates trips around the world for select remote workers who want to pursue their love of travel, without putting their careers on hold.

We Roam is the remote work program for professionals. This is more than just a trip around the world – you will be co-working with entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, designers, and more. Between networking with local business leaders, attending engaging speaker series, and participating in various workshops, you will grow both personally and professionally.

Our difference is quality. We choose the best cities, find premium accommodation, partner with professional and convenient co-working spaces, and provide 100% hassle free travel options – no basements or dorm rooms here. We will be there 24/7 throughout the trip to help you with anything you need and make sure that your experience is seamless.

Program Details

Changes every month
Priced from
$2000 USD per month