Tribe Wanted

“Being part of the Tribe meant I had an instant network of entrepreneurs around me as soon as I landed in Bali. Everyone was happy to share advice, skills and encouragement. There are social events, activities and talks going on almost daily to bring everyone together. Lisa is always on hand to share her marketing expertise and her wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge and contacts. Ubud is just an awesome place for personal growth, I can’t wait to get back”.

Adam Bromby, January 2016

5 Reasons to Love Tribewanted Bali

1. A tribe of like-minded, motivated, curious people connecting regularly is a powerful thing!
2. We’re all more productive when we work with other creative, positive and purposeful people.
3. We take adventures and discover the unique, powerful, and beautiful culture of Bali.
4. Ubud has become one of the top places in the world to work remotely.
5. Bali is affordable, safe and accessible.


What is it?

We’re hosting motivated, curious people in Ubud, Bali in order to build a new community and co-working tribe that increases our productivity, creativity, and success. All this while discovering this beautiful, amazing island and it’s culture.

We are excited to announce we have partnered with The CREW at Bali’s newest co-working space Outpost.

The CREW is a monthly highly curated 4-week, get-stuff-done success incubator in paradise.

  • Starts on the first Monday of each month
  • Runs for 4 weeks
  • 6 – 10 members per month

The curriculum is specifically created to empower, enhance, and drive results.

We’ve been empowering success for solopreneurs, location independent entrepreneurs, and change-makers since January 2015 and so far over 250 people have been part of it!

How does it work?
  • We have daily check-in meetings 4 times a week (10am-12pm Monday – Thursdays). Fridays are off. Yay!
  • We do weekly goal mapping and holding you accountable for your actions
  • You will get daily support to move forward with your idea or project & help support others
  • We have a lot of inspiring business discussions & debates to stimulate your mind (or sometimes just to talk about ecstatic dance at Yogabarn).
  • We run regular skill-share sessions between members (or get external speakers) to share their knowledge on i.e How to build a blog, create a podcast, how to do social media, finance for entrepreneurs,  emotional intelligence and more…
  • We explore Ubud and Bali and go on some fun weekly social activities or adventures. Anything to get those creative juices flowing.

Program Details

Ubud, Bali
Priced from
$695 USD
Starts on the first Monday of each month