Terminal 3

“I signed up for this trip without knowing anyone but as soon as we arrived the whole crew met and bonded instantly, thanks largely to Terminal 3’s planning of family dinners and personal and professional development activities.”

Pierre-Julien Bosser-Lamy
Co founder Interns GoPro

Boarding Now : Find. Yourself.

Imagine, exploring the world, living and working remotely with a community of professionals, entrepreneurs and thrill seekers. Together you will forge deep friendships, take your goals to new heights, all whilst taking your job on the road and working from a different city each month.

Terminal 3 is more than a vacation. It’s your opportunity to savor local cuisines, connect with locals, make lifelong friends and find yourself in the process. And when you travel with us you make the world a better place by giving back to local communities.

It’s our mission to make your remote work life stress free. We handle all operations and logistics to get you up and running every single month. Be productive from day one.

We invest in YOUR Growth. Your ambitions are turbocharged with monthly coaching sessions, professional networking, community impact days, skill shares and meet-ups with inspirational local super stars! Craft your international community of awesomeness today.

Trip Details

Priced from
$1950 USD per month
  • June 2017
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • July 2017
    Tokyo, Japan
  • August 2017
    Seoul, South Korea
  • September 2017
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • October 2017
    Shanghai, China