Startup Safari

  • Arrive Curious – Leave Activated. The journey includes workshops & personal space to trigger courage & action. You will return home with a fresh perspective & more clarity on what you really want in your one precious life.
  • Disconnect to Connect. Baked in to the itinerary are ample opportunities to unplug from outside noise & tap in to the wisdom of your inner voice. After all, silence is golden.
  • Start at the Beginning. Simultaneously safari (Kiswahili for ‘to travel’) through the Rift Valley, where mankind began.  What a brilliant place to remember YOUR beginning and take time to create your future!
  • Become a part of the global talent conversation by working with African startups in Africa’s largest co-working space.
  • Immerse yourself in inspiration. Whether you are interacting with wildlife, savoring an African sunset, watching the hustle of Africa, or simply sitting and listening, be prepared for your senses and energy to be on fire.


This is a vacation to some of this planet’s most spectacular and inspiring locations.

More importantly, it is an opportunity to take time to investigate your deepest desires. To capture what really lights you up. To reconnect with your Self.

It’s time to schedule ‘someday’ in the calendar.

Carve out the time. Invest in yourself. Allow dreams to be realities.

Retreat Details

Priced from
$2,799 USD