Flaks Adventures Workations

“An awesome and unique concept to enjoy your most favorite hobby together with like-minded entrepreneurs. The program with the other entrepreneurs was very interesting and inspiring.”

-Henry Kruissing


Together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs you’ll expand your network and get inspired.


A get-away in an inspiring place with inspiring like-minded people. Expand your network, get inspired and boost your business while having fun.

Outdoor fun

Flaks is organised for sporty entrepreneurs that have an “It’s not a business, but a way of life”-mindset. Together we’ll go kiting, surfing, moutainbiking, etc.

Trip Details

Priced from
397 EUR
  • Norway
    22-29 May, 2017
    8-15 September, 2017
  • Balaton, Hungary
    July 29- August 5, 2017
  • Tarifa, Spain (Kitesurfing)
    September 24-October 15, 2017