Cowork Surf

Whether you’re a marketer, blogger, designer, developer, entrepreneur, instagrammer, artist, multi-talented digital nomad or anything at all you’re welcome to come, stay, surf and cowork with the incredible people living in Sagres and the Algarve.

Portugal is a new hotspot for coworking, with a variety of tech talent flocking to Lisbon for WebSummit each year. It’s encouraging people to move and live here for extended periods and we’d be delighted to show you our favourite region of this incredible country.

‚ÄčNot only is the coworking house full of like-minded people, but you can also be introduced (if you like) to the lovely, friendly folk we like to hang around with in Sagres. A great community of surfers, freelancers, artists, free spirits and seasonal workers who bring new shades of life to Portugal in this fishing town on the edge of Europe.

Retreat Details

May-June 2017, September-December 2017
Priced from
30 Euro per night