Chosen Experiences

“One of the best experiences of my life and highly addictive. Once you do one, you’ll want to do them all!”

Lynda Williams

Chōsen experiences combine physical, social, intellectual and emotional elements to form perfectly-curated weeks in exclusive destinations around the world. Every detail is designed to challenge, change and rejuvenate you by pushing you outside your comfort zone to make you stronger, healthier and happier every day. The experiences are a remix of luxurious healthy holidays, adventure getaways, fitness retreats and wellness vacations edited into perfect seven-day packages that combine the six pillars of wellbeing in a variety of ways.

Fitness, Adventures and Activities

Cliff-jumping, canyoneering, yoga, parkour, surfing, weights, interval training, mindfulness coaching, cooking lessons, massages and holistic-healing sessions are just a few of the activities enjoyed between chill-out sessions.

Healthy Food

Nutritious and delicious food prepared by phenomenal private chefs using ethically-sourced ingredients leave your body in balance after seven days.

Qualified Experts

Olympic athletes, motivational life coaches, celebrated yogis, mindfulness gurus, nutritional therapists and many more experts will motivate and inspire you every day.

Selected Participants

Every Chōsen experience is made up of a selection of international men and women who strive for excellence personally or professionally. They often embark on a Chōsen experience to unlock their full potential or realize it once again. The inspiring people you meet will shape you just as much as the adventures and activities you undertake.

Varied and Challenging Programs

A different itinerary will be given to you each day letting you know what fitness, activities, chill-time, workshops and adventures are in store for the next 24-hours. No two days are ever the same.

Retreat Details

Priced from
$4,900 USD